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Our company has a long experience in the automotive sector with a particular emphasis on regeneration of car parts, steering systems, i.e. steering gears, power steering pumps and turbochargers. Two of the greatest strengths of CSR are: qualified and experienced staff, and modern facilities. We are able to guarantee prompt action and timely service due to our fully equipped auto repair shop.

We hope that all the information on our website will be helpful to you. If you are not able to find answers to your questions please contact our customer service centre.

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Regeneration of a turbocharger as well as other components involves their full restoration to the state equivalent to that of completely new parts. When repairing a vehicle the process of regeneration allows us to save our customer’s money, provide them with parts which are worth the same as new ones and also covered with a warranty.

A typical process of regeneration may be divided into the following stages (on the example of a turbocharger):

  1. Disassembly of a steering gears into individual components.
  2. Assessment of the extent of wear and the possibility of beginning the process of regeneration (more on that topic in “FAG”: “Criteria for Acceptance.”)
  3. Thorough cleaning of all components.
  4. Sanding and painting of the cover.
  5. Selection and installation of new parts. In every case they are: a thrust bearing, a pipe trench, sealing rings, an under-plate seal, a flinger ring, a split ring, a retaining ring, a bearing position synchronisation pin, a plate, a rotor with gear, a compression wheel.
  6. An assembled turbine core is balanced on a high-revolution balancer, which is proved by a report (a report is attached to every of our products.) The product undergoes a tightness test.
  7. Other parts of a turbocharger are assembled: geometry and covers.
  8. The geometry in variable-geometry turbochargers is calibrated (including the electronic adjuster.) Every turbochargers undergoes tests of performance and efficiency. All measurements are documented and forwarded to our customer together with the item in question.
  9. The finished product receives a 24-month warranty.

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How to start regeneration step by step

The service of regeneration of your steering gear will be complete within 24 hours of its delivery to us.*
(*it is an estimated time of completion, in especially difficult cases it might be extended)

Deliver your steering gear to our company in person or wrap it tightly and send it to us.

If it is not possible for you to send it via a carrier – contact us and give us the address from which the steering gear can be picked up.

Download and fill in the form. Include it in the parcel.


See photos of our work


Why CSR?

To each transaction we provide a receipt or VAT invoice if requested.
We complete the process of regeneration within 24 hours*
We ensure the most professional standard of service that has won the trust of customers not only in Poland but also in all Europe.
We provide a 12-month warranty**

(*the service of regeneration will be complete within 24 hours of the delivery of the item. The time might be extended in case of damage that exceeds standards)

Operational instructions

If you require the service of regeneration in our company or want to buy a regenerated product please read the short operational instruction below in order to ensure the smoothness of our cooperation.

  1. We accept a turbocharger removed from a vehicle in case our customer wants it to be regenerated. If requested beforehand we also offer a possibility of disassembly of a steering gear at a given address.
  2. Before delivering or sending us your steering gear please get acquainted with the part “Criteria for Acceptance” below. Moreover, if you are unsure that the malfunction in your vehicle was caused by faulty work of your steering gear/turbocharger, please either further read the part ”When to Regenerate a Turbocharger?” or contact our customer service centre.
  3. When sending us you turbocharger via postal service or a carrier please remember to appropriately protect the product from any mechanical damage as well as leakage of any leftover liquid.
  4. Please enclose your shipping address as well as all information required to issue a VAT invoice.
    In case of a return of an old part please enclose a label of return from a new steering gear.
  5. Time of completion: 1-2 days from the moment of delivery of a part.

Criteria for Acceptance

Here are main requirements for accepting an item to be regenerated or replacing it with a ready product.

The following will not qualify an item to undergo the process of regeneration:

  1. The removed part is fractured.
  2. Threads and fastenings are torn.
  3. Mechanically damaged.

A part that is returned to us after buying a new (regenerated) product from us must be the equivalent of the part bought.

When to Regenerate a Turbocharger?

Main signs of a damaged turbine are as follows:

  1. Lack of lubrication – oil pressure too low or its temporary lack.
  2. Damaged rotor – if a foreign body finds its way inside a turbocharger.
  3. Oil leakage – oil leaks out into the exhaust system or the intake system. Indicates a weak condition of the turbine.
  4. Lack of steering – in case of variable-geometry turbochargers.

The reason for premature wear of a turbine might be construction errors, but in most cases it is its inappropriate usage.

In most cases the reason for damage of a turbocharger is a problem in the system, which directly influences a turbine. When replacing a turbocharger please remember to establish the cause of its malfunction and fix it.


We encourage automotive companies, repair shops, wholesales and retailers to cooperate with us permanently.
We offer attractive terms of cooperation to our regular customers.
If you are interested in cooperating with us, please contact our customer service centre.


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